Turner Contemporary – Seeing Round Corners

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Turner Contemporary Art Gallery

Turner Contemporary

If there’s one thing you do visit whilst in Thanet I would make it the Turner Contemporary Gallery which sits at the beginning of the pier arm in Margate overlooking the long sandy beach. A contemporary white building that shines out over the bay and grabs everyone’s attention.

I recently visited to take a look at the Seeing Round Corners exhibition and I wasn’t disappointed.

The gallery is free to enter and explore and I am always in awe of the exhibitions and art work laid out.

This time was no exception and my tour started outside the building on my walk up the steps to the entrance where I spotted this fabulous interpretation of the Union Jack. I love how all of the different patterns fall in to a perfect Union Jack which is immediately recognisable.

The New Union Jack


Yinka Shonibare

As I stepped through the entrance I found myself in a library. It was in fact Yinka Shonibare’s The British Library. On closer inspection you could see that each of the books lining the shelves had been covered in brightly coloured fabric, a bit like we used to cover our school books back in the day. When you moved in even closer, names printed in gold could be spotted on the spines of the books, lots of very recognisable names.

Yinka Shonibare The British Library

Yinka Shonibare’s The British Library celebrates and questions how immigration has contributed to the British culture of today. Shelves and shelves of books covered in colourful wax fabric the spines bearing the names of immigrants who have enriched British society.

Yinka Shonibare The British Library


Mark Batchelor

There are some steps leading to the upper level and these are never left without any art work to admire on your way up. In fact this time I was smiling as I spotted the Mini Disco by Mark Batchelor hanging from the ceiling in perfect symmetry.

Mini Disco by Mark Batchelor

If you look even closer you will see that each disco ball is made entirely out of colourful plastic sunglasses, but aren’t they effective?

There is a great shop to visit which has so many wonderful things from jewellery to colouring books and I always come away with something no matter how small.

There are also workshops held upstairs for adults and children and I really want to take the twins along one day as I am sure they would gain enormously from being inspired by the work around them and just having a go at something new.

The exhibition is upstairs and includes all sorts of mediums, from art, to sculpture and also video and motion pieces. It’s really interesting and I always wish i could come up with some of these grand ideas that I see displayed.

Back down stairs I popped through the corridors to see what was hanging and was struck by these posters. It saddens me that people amongst us can be so cruel to say such things.

Turner Contemporary

Richard Long

As I exited the gallery and started to make me way over to Dreamland where dad was with the girls I looked back, and thank goodness I did otherwise I would have missed this enormous wall art called The Ebb Tide Circle Richard Long. It is painted on the wall and Richard Long uses his body to get the effect of movement. Fascinating.

Ebb Tide Circle Richard Long

Keep up to date with the Turner Contemporary by checking their website (link at the top of the text) and their Facebook page

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    This is on my list but I never seem to make it down to the South coast. Thank you for sharing these tempting morsels, I will start looking for a free weekend for a visit.

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