Beach dog ban lifts 1st October

beach dog ban

Beach dog ban

Today, 1st October, the beach dog ban is lifted and our furry friends can once again enjoy running on the sand, paddling in the sea and chasing sea gulls.

Beach dog ban

Here’s one little fella who will be delighted to find he can go on the beach whenever he wants. Until the end of April the beach dog ban is lifted .

Baxter will be three in November and we will be celebrating our Gotcha Day in January which marks the day we picked him up from Battersea Dogs Home two years ago. Baxter has made such an impact on our lives in all the good ways imaginable and we wouldn’t be without him now. We champion rescue dogs and would thoroughly recommend looking into the possibilities of rescuing a dog as they are the most loyal and loving friends.

A big thank you to all of the restaurants and places in Thanet who allow him in as it means we can visit you and enjoy

Baxter King Charles Cavalier

Please make sure you carry bags with you and pick up any mess they may leave behind.

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  1. That’s a great rule! To be honest, I prefer English beaches in the winter for walks anyway! He would love Bavaria, you would be amazed the places that well behaved dogs can go! Forget Dogs are an English man’s best friend! x

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