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I’m very passionate about photography, I’m not necessarily very good at it but I do appreciate a great image when I see one. This one of Broadstairs caught my eye because of the beautiful colours. It was sent through from Visit Kent who have a wonderful display of images going up around London over the summer to invite Londoners to come to Thanet.

In my early blogging days I took part in a photography weekly post called Silent Sunday. The idea was that the images showcased should be so beautiful that they spoke for themselves, no words needed. Of course I was very much a beginner back then but taking part has opened my eyes and I have learnt a lot about photography along the way, I’m still no pro but I have certainly upped my game.

I was never keen on not writing anything alongside though, as often my chosen pictures were of a place or an event I wanted to talk about. Or the image inspired words that I wanted to share. On each visit to Thanet I take lots and lots of photos, mainly on my phone and many of them never get used, so I have decided to use Sundays throughout the year as the perfect way to display some of my favourites.

Stone bay Broadstairs Thanet

I have already told you a little about my Broadstairs visit and I found another image when the blue sky peeped through the cloud that was making my images that day so dull. This gives a great perspective of how long Stone Bay is and I can’t wait to go back and see all those pretty painted beach huts lined along the cliff.

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  1. Love both photos Mari, the second one in particular, really draws the eye in to look at that gorgeous background! 🙂 x

  2. Broadstairs is a lovely beach. I’ve only been once because it’s a huge mission to get to Kent from Southampton, and there are closer stretches of beach which are just as lovely, but I have fond memories of a retro ice cream parlour and eating fish and chips on the beach.

  3. I love your shot, those beach huts are just gorgeous. I kinda miss Silent Sunday. Used to enjoy roaming through the twitter hashtag on a Sunday morning!

  4. I’m not a Londoner, but you’ve sold Thanet to me with all the fab photos you’ve shared on Instagram. It looks absolutely beautiful and I can’t wait to find out more about your adventures x

  5. Lovely photos Marianne! I agree the colours in the first one are just beautiful. I adore photography too, would love to learn more about it… For now I just point and shoot and most of the time I’m happy with them. Love to capture all my treasured moments 🙂

  6. We were in Broadstairs at the end of May this year and we loved Thanet, despite the fact we had the most horrendous weather and we broke down. We would definitely go back. Mich x

  7. What beautiful photos!

    I know just what you mean about Silent Sunday – I always wanted to say something, even just a few words.

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