Viking Bay Broadstairs

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The weather was dry and the strong winds had passed so we decided to find another beach to walk Baxter our family dog. The Thanet Isle magazine indicated Viking Bay Broadstairs under dog friendly and since I spent two years living in this beautiful seaside town whilst studying Hotel Management at Broadstairs college  I was curious to see the familiar stretch of beach again and walk the streets of my student days.

Stone Bay Thanet

Stone Bay Broadstairs

We parked on the road above Stone Bay and walked down the slip road, carved into the cliff, to walk along the promenade.

Stone Bay is beautiful. The prom has a colourful string of brightly painted beach huts which I want to see close up another time, I shall have a field day with my camera. The beach is a no dog zone but you can walk them along the top, we took the direction towards Broadstairs, just around the corner and we came out on the pier side of Viking Bay.

Viking Bay Broadstairs

Sadly all the Thanet beaches are strewn with seaweed this week which detracts from the usual beauty you get turning this corner, plus of course, a brighter day would have meant brighter images.. However, the girls saw the sand and all they wanted to do was play in it.

Viking Bay Broadstairs

Whilst they buried each other, dad and I walked along to the end of the pier and back keeping a watchful eye on the young ones who could be clearly seen from our viewpoint.

Bleak House Broadstairs

You get a magnificent view of the town and also Bleak House on the hill top. I was interested to see you can stay the night in the B&B, eat there or pop in for afternoon tea.

Tartar Frigate Broadstairs

I was in awe of the properties by the harbour that have been renovated to very high standards and I was also pleased to see the restaurant The Tartar Frigate where my dad took me whilst I was at college. I don’t think he realised I was going to order the fresh lobster and the bill must have been a lot more than he was intending to pay but he smiled and I remember it being a really lovely evening. I have the Tartar Frigate on my list of places to eat out at some point.

The Charles Dickens Pub Broadstairs

We carried on our walk along the top passing The Charles Dickens pub where we took Megan as a teen about 10 years ago; a great place to stop and eat, with a menu to suit all tastes and pockets. We passed Morelli’s, one of the town’s best gelaterie, I remember many an afternoon spent in here eating ice creams or hot frothy cappucinos depending on the weather with my friends.

Morelli's Broadstairs


We chose to stop at Chiappini’s which is situated on the cliffs overlooking Viking Bay with a wonderful view. The ice creams and cakes are homemade and it feels as if you have been transported to a beautiful pasticceria in Italy. Inside there are stained glass ceilings and proper coffee machines.

chiappinis broadstairs

We sat at a table on the cliff edge and ate our delicious ice creams. We ordered a mango, an English Trifle, a vanilla and 2 double chocolate ice creams. They were delicious and we’d thoroughly recommend a visit.

Chiappinis Broadstairs

A walk along the top of the cliff offers some spectacular views across Viking Bay Broadstairs; there is a bandstand to one end where live music plays in the afternoons and there is an art display along the railings with some lovely pieces, watercolours of all different sizes of the various bays and beaches in the area at reasonable prices.

Viking Bay Broadstairs

The Open Studios

Talking of art, I can’t leave this post without mentioning The Open Studios, a collection of 28 studios dotted all over Thanet with over 40 artists displaying their work over the weekends in August. Here is a collection of Martin Cheek’s mosaic work which I thought was gorgeous. Find out more on the Facebook page (link above)

Martin Cheek Broadstairs


So I am happy to be back writing about our tours around Thanet and hope to make it more of a regular feature now as we spend more time down there and discover more and more.

Stone bay view Broadstairs

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